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EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030

Why do we need to protect biodiversity? Biodiversity is essential for life; nature provides for businesses (half of global Gross Domestic Product ,GDP, €40 trillion, depends on nature); the global population of wild species has fallen by 60% over the last 40 years; 1 million species are at risk of extinction; biodiversity loss and the […]

Mediterranean Monk Seal and the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals

The size of the Mediterranean Monk Seal population of Mauritania’s Atlantic coast is recovering after centuries of continuous decline. The species’ largest colony in the Cabo Blanco peninsula has more than tripled since 2004.  Thanks to the effective implementation of a regional Action Plan, it now numbers 360 individuals. Two decades ago, the Cabo Blanco […]

Project for the conservation of the monk seal in Madeira, Portugal

Our “LIFE Madeira Monk Seal Project” (LIFE13NAT/ES/000974 “Madeiramonkseal”) is coming to an end. The project, executed by Fundación CBD-Hábitat together with Instituto das Florestas e Conservação da Natureza, RAM from 2014 until the end of 2019, has achieved impressive results in monk seal conservation at Madeira archipelago. The main objective of the Project is to improve awareness and conserve […]

Ethnology of the Bijagó culture, Guinea Bissau

In addition to the natural heritage, the Bijagós Islands retain an exceptional cultural heritage. The magnificent state of conservation of the archipelago is due to traditions. Because of their beliefs, the Bijagó have their own natural reserves, forests and islands that are untouchable because they are sacred, and where they cannot cultivate, hunt, or bury […]

Conclusions of the Congress “The Iberian lynx: looking towards the future”

Conservation objectives have been established, it has been emphasized that ex situ breeding centers must continue at full capacity until at least 2030, it has been suggested an “Iberian Lynx Strategy” and a better Governance system. More information, conclusions, and presentations: Favorable Conservation Status of the Iberian Lynx Calculation of potential suitable hábitat in the […]

Collaboration between “The European Nature Trust” and the CBD-Habitat Foundation

We have recently started a collaboration´s project with “The European Nature Trust” (TENT), that is an international foundation to support nature conservation projects, which collaborates with Wandafilms-Wanda Natura, producer of well-known documentaries. Both entities collaborate with the projects of the CBD-Habitat Foundation. TENT dedicates its efforts to the protection of natural sites and the restoration […]

“Layman” report final summary of the LIFE + “Feeding Savengers” Spanish-English bilingual version

Spain is home to the most important population of necrophagous birds in Europe, both in diversity and in populations. Castilla y León, is the largest autonomous community in Spain, and one of the most unpopulated regions of Europe. Therefore, the responsibility for the conservation of scavenger species rests largely on the Spanish administration and society. […]

The first reintroduction project for Mhorr gazelle into the wild

A very interesting publication has just come out about the reintroduction project of the Mohor gazelle (Nanger dama mhorr)! This project has been a milestone in the conservation of this impressive Sahelo-Saharan species. Currently the populations are very rare and isolated, and is declared “critically endangered“. Reintroductions continue to be an important conservation action for […]

Exhibition on Bijagos in Guinea Bissau

International Day of Biodiversity under the motto: “Our Biodiversity, Our Food, our Health”. The CBD-Habitat Foundation together with IBAP and Orango Parque Hotel commemorate this day with the inauguration of “The Bijagos Exhibition” at the Guinean Cultural Center of Franco Bissau. The presentation of the exhibition was it made by the Secretary of State for […]

International Day for Biological Diversity 2019. Theme will be: “Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health”

This year’s celebrations of the International Day for Biological Diversity,on 22 May 2019, (Convention on Biological Diversity,CBD) focus on biodiversity as the foundation for our food and health and a key catalyst to transforming food systems and improving human health. The theme aims to leverage knowledge and spread awareness of the dependency of our food […]