Collaboration between “The European Nature Trust” and the CBD-Habitat Foundation

We have recently started a collaboration´s project with “The European Nature Trust” (TENT), that is an international foundation to support nature conservation projects, which collaborates with Wandafilms-Wanda Natura, producer of well-known documentaries. Both entities collaborate with the projects of the CBD-Habitat Foundation. TENT dedicates its efforts to the protection of natural sites and the restoration of places of high environmental value, affected by human activity, “to ensure that our planet remains habitable and that we can share it with other species.” His philanthropic philosophy seeks to support high impact conservation initiatives in Europe. With its support to the CBD-Habitat Foundation, TENT continues its action in Spain (already started with the Brown Bear Foundation). This month the technical teams of the CBD-Habitat Foundation and TENT have visited some of the initiatives of conservation and recovery of the Iberian lynx in Andalusia and Extremadura, establishing interesting lines of collaboration and exchange of ideas and experiences, which can cover all CBD-Habitat Foundation projects.


Note: with the support of TENT on May 20 of next year we will attend the premiere of Wanda Natura’s last documentary in London: «Dehesa: the forest of the Iberian lynx», for the benefit of the FCBDH. Thank you!

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Philosophy of “The European Nature Trust”:

Wild places provide the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat. The evidence is now clear: spending time in nature is even integral to mental health and stress relief, physical wellness and development in childhood. Yet still, only 4% of charitable giving focuses on environmental causes. At The European Nature Trust (TENT), we create unique experiences that connect people to wild nature and raise funds for the protection and restoration of European wilderness. Through creating engaging and impactful experiences, through entertaining, motivating and inspiring, TENT change how people and businesses value nature, and therefore ultimately better protect our world. Most importantly, TENT has a 100% promise, 100% of every single donation is directed through the charity to leading conservation projects on the ground, where it matters. So, the goals of TENT are simple: through our activities we support proven conservation projects on the ground in key wilderness areas over the long-term, and above all, connect people to nature.


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